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  • August/September 2014 – In This Issue

    • Happy Labor Day! ‘The Way They Worked’ Campaign
    • NEW! DPE Report on the Future of Professional Work and Workers
    • The Changing Working Environment for Professional and Technical Workers
    • American Library Association Convenes, DPE Contributes
    • DPE Joins Twitter and Facebook
    • DPE Submits Comments to the USCIS On Proposed H-4 Rule Change
    • DPE Attends AFM Coalition Meeting With DOT and Airline Industry Representatives
    • DPE Attends “Overtime Listening Session” with DOL Secretary Tom Perez
    • Unions Compose New Ending to Opera Lockout Threat
    • ‘I Am AFGE’ Initiative
    • AFGE ‘Social Security Works’ Campaign
    • IFPTE Adds to NASA Unit
    • SAG-AFTRA Reaches Contract with the AMPTP
    • WGAE Organizes Reality TV Writers-Producers
    • DPE Signs On

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President’s Report, June 1, 2013 – May 31, 2014

At last year’s meeting of the General Board, the Board re-elected the Executive Committee and added D. Michael Langford, National President of the Utility Workers Union of America, to the Executive Committee as a General Vice President. The fall meeting of the DPE Executive Committee wished David Cohen well in his retirement. DPE was fortunate to hire Eric Geist as the Assistant to the President of DPE.

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  • KPCC News Staff Ratifies First Union Contract With Station

    August 29, 2014

    SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA PUBLIC RADIO News-Talk KPCC/PASADENA-LOS ANGELES’ news staff has ratified its first union contract, according to SAG-AFTRA. The staffers voted early in 2013 to be represented by the union. The three-year contract, covering over 70 employees, provides for guaranteed wage increases each year totaling 5.6% (1.5%, 2%, and 2%, respectively), severance pay based on years of service with no cap, merit increases, comp time, minimum scales for each job title, and other items. Read more …


  • The Way They Worked: A Celebration of Grandparents and Their Hard Work

    August 28, 2014

    Every Labor Day, I urge my friends and family to remember the true meaning of the holiday. In the rush to enjoy the last moments of summer, get ready for school season to begin, and battle more traffic, it’s easy to forget and take for granted the struggles and sacrifices of the people who came before us. Labor Day is still such an important day for us to pause to honor what the labor movement fought for and what it continues to achieve — and to appreciate and value the work of those all around us.  Read more …

    Sarita Gupta

    Huffington Post

  • Colleges’ dirty secret: Poorly paid adjuncts make up 50% of US faculty

    August 26, 2014

    We are the stoop laborers of higher education: adjunct professors.

    As colleges and universities rev for the fall semester, the stony exploitation of the adjunct faculty continues, providing cheap labor for America’s campuses, from small community colleges to knowledge factories with 40,000 students. The median salary for adjuncts, according to the American Association of University Professors, is $2,700 per three-credit course. Pay scales vary from school to school, course to course. Adjuncts teaching upper-level biophysics are likely to earn more than those teaching freshman grammar.  Read more … 

    Colman McCarthy



  • Metropolitan Opera Reaches Settlement With Last Union

    The Metropolitan Opera announced Thursday night that it had reached labor settlements with the last of its unions, including those representing its costume and wardrobe departments, hair and makeup artists, scenic artists and designers, camera operators and others.  Read more … 

    Michael Cooper

    The New York Times

  • SAG-AFTRA Members Ratify TV/Theatrical Contract

    The rank and file has voted overwhelmingly to approve the new, three-year contracts covering movie, primetime and basic cable TV production. The balloting was a lopsided 92%-8%. The deal with the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers was hammered out in the wee hours of the Fourth of July after two months of tough bargaining amid a media blackout and three 24-hour extensions after the June 30 deadline. The national board approved it eight days later.  Read more … 

    The Deadline Team


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