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DPE NewsLine, July 2014

>>DPE General Board Meets

>>Support Your Library and Library Workers

>>The U.S. Health Care System: An International Perspective

>>Women in STEM and the Impact of Guest Worker Visas

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  • July 2014 – In This Issue

    • DPE General Board Meets
      • DPE Grows
      • Common Sense Economics
      • The Changing Working Environment for Professional and Technical Workers
      • DPE Website Traffic Exceeds Expectations
    • Support Your Library and Library Workers
    • DPE Contributes to Library Salary Advocacy Toolkit
    • Fact Sheet Updates: Library Workers, Women in STEM, U.S. Health Care System
    • DPE Voices Concern Over Proposed H-1B Rule
    • DPE Attends USPTO Briefing on Treaty Proposal of the Protection of the Rights of Broadcasting Organizations
    • DPE Presses EU Commission on Protections for Intellectual Property Rights
    • DPE Attends 4th Annual Labor Research Action Network Conference
    • DOL to Update FLSA’s Overtime Rules
    • DPE Signs On

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President’s Report, June 1, 2013 – May 31, 2014

At last year’s meeting of the General Board, the Board re-elected the Executive Committee and added D. Michael Langford, National President of the Utility Workers Union of America, to the Executive Committee as a General Vice President. The fall meeting of the DPE Executive Committee wished David Cohen well in his retirement. DPE was fortunate to hire Eric Geist as the Assistant to the President of DPE.

Breaking News

  • Met Opera Prepares to Lock Out Workers

    July 24, 2014

    The labor strife at the Metropolitan Opera took on a new urgency Wednesday when its general manager, Peter Gelb, sent the company’s orchestra, chorus, stagehands and other workers letters warning them to prepare for a lockout if no contract deal is reached by next week.  Read more … 

    Michael Cooper

    The New York Times

  • Higher Calling, Lower Wages: The Vanishing of the Middle Class Clergy

    For someone seeking a full-time job as a church pastor, Justin Barringer would seem to have the perfect résumé. He’s a seminary grad, an author and book editor, and a former missionary to China and Greece. But despite applying to nearly a hundred jobs over the course of two years, Barringer, who lives in Lexington, Kentucky, could not secure a full-time, salaried church position.  Read more … 

    David R. Wheeler

    The Atlantic

  • Defending Trade Unions While the Justices Are Away

    July 21, 2014

    The nine justices of the Supreme Court are now in recess, leaving the rest of us the summer in which to reflect upon and digest their latest set of rulings – particularly the two handed down on the last day before they took their break. Quite properly, given its reactionary nature, their 5:4 ruling on Burwell v Hobby Lobby has attracted most of the ire of progressive commentators; but that judgment was not the only one handed down on that last day. The nine justices also ruled, in Harris v Quinn, on an Illinois law requiring public sector employees to pay union dues even if they have no wish to become union members. Because it is likely that both judgments will have long-term adverse consequences for progressive causes, a moment of reflection on that second judgment is well in order.  Read more …

    David Coates


  • Shiftless Corporations Renounce America

    Early last week, the drug firm Mylan stomped on the Stars and Stripes as it ditched America for the Netherlands. Then, on Friday, the drug company AbbVie similarly renounced America. For 30 pieces of silver, it will become Irish.  Read more …

    Leo W. Gerard

    Huffington Post


  • Citing Past Problems With Other Pay Schemes, AFGE’s Cox Warns Lawmakers Against Trashing Federal Pay Grades

    Citing past problems, including discrimination against women and minorities, with so-called “merit” pay schemes tried in the Defense Department and a handful of other agencies, AFGE President J. David Cox is warning lawmakers against trashing federal pay grades. But whether the ruling Republicans on the House Oversight and Government Affairs Committee – or the ruling House GOP in general – will pay attention to the head of the union that represents most federal workers is open to question.  Read more …

    Press Associates Inc.

    Metropolitan Washington Council, AFL-CIO

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