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August 2015 – In This Issue

• DPE Executive Committee meets
• DPE Publishes ‘Guide to Organizing Professionals’
• Part I: The Changing Working Environment for Professional and Technical Workers
• DPE Hosts SPEEA Delegation to Talk Healthcare, Trade, and Visas
• Geist Discusses Professional Employment Relationships
• Fact Sheet and Report Updates: Guest Worker Visas; The Professional Workforce, and The Benefits of Collective Bargaining
• DPE STEM Fact Sheet Reprinted in The Chemist


President’s Report, June 1, 2014 – May 31, 2015

The DPE launched new initiatives to aid affiliate organizing and influence the conversation on issues important to professionals. The DPE hosted a meeting on intellectual property and copyright protections. DPE continued to play an active but, unfortunately, a defensive role in the area of high-tech guest worker visa programs. DPE produced a new fact sheet on the future of work and workers for professionals, and published a Guide to Organizing Professionals. Recently, the DPE held the first of a series of meetings on “The Changing Working Environment for Professional and Technical Workers.”

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