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DPE Publications/Reports List 2006


Organizing Professionals: Surveys Among Nonunion Nurses, University Faculty, and Information Technology Professionals.  Peter D. Hart Research.  DPE Organizing Conference, March 2005.

Union Organizing Among Professional Women Workers.  Kate Bronfenbrenner, Cornell University.  DPE Organizing Conference, March 2005.

How Thriving Professional Associations Recruit.  Richard W. Hurd, Cornell University.  DPE Organizing Conference, March 2005.

Organized Labor in a White Collar World:  Can the Labor Movement Rise to the Challenge?  A Response to the Debate About the Future of the AFL-CIO.  December 2004

The Battle Against FCC Media Deregulation:  The San Antonio Mobilization.  Special Report to the DPE General Board, June 2004.

Off-shore Outsourcing of Professional/Technical Jobs:  A Summary of DPE Activities and Related Materials.  Special Report to the DPE General Board, June 2004.

The Clear Picture on Clear Channel Communications, Inc.:  A Corporate Profile.  Co-sponsor with Cornell University, January 2004.

Rising Tide…Professionals:  The New Face of America’s Unions.  September 2003.

Democracy Unhinged:  More Media Concentration Means Less Public Discourse.  December 2002.

The FCC’s Newspaper-Broadcast Cross-Ownership Rule.  March 2002. 

Fact Sheets

2006    Vital Work Force Statistics

2006    Professional Women: Vital Statistics

2006    Library Workers: Facts and Figures

2005    Social Service Workers

2005    The Service Sector: Vital Statistics

2005    Nurses: Vital Signs

2005    Scientists and Engineers:  Vital Statistics

2005    The U.S. Health Care System in International Perspective

2005    The Costs and Benefits of Safe Staffing Ratios

2004    Offshoring High Tech

2004    The So-called L-1/H-1B Visa Reform Act

2004    Industry Lobby Distorts Facts on Off-shore Contracts

2003    Bush Administration Proposes Disappearing Act for Overtime Pay

2003    The Aiken Study:  Hospital Nurse Staffing and Patient Mortality, Nurse Burnout and Job Dissatisfaction 

Analysis of Professional Associations

Societies for Psychological and Social Service Related Occupations:  An Analysis of the Benefits of Membership, 2002 Edition.  Published January 2003.

Societies for College and University Teachers (and Others), By Academic Discipline, 2002 Edition.  Published March 2003.

Societies for Journalists and Communications Professionals:  An Analysis of the Benefits of Membership, 2002 Edition.  Published December 2002.

Societies for Engineers, Scientists and Related Technicians, 2002 Edition.  Published October 2002.

Societies for Professional and Technical Health Care Workers, 2002 Edition.  Published July 2002. 


Wilson, P.  2005.  Support Labor Unions.  An essay published in 50 Ways to Improve Women’s Lives:  The Essential Women’s Guide to Achieving Equality, Health and Success, Inner Ocean Publishing, 2005.

Task Force on Workforce Development:  Albert Shanker Institute and New Economy Information Service.  2004.  Learning Partnerships:  Strengthening American Jobs in the Global Economy.

Almeida, P., Sleigh, S., Khan, F., Winter 2004.  Losing Altitude:  Employment in the Aerospace Sector.  Perspectives on Work.  Vol. 7, No. 2. pp. 10-12.

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