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Issue Fact Sheets

2010 Intellectual Property Theft: A Threat to U.S. Workers, Industries, and our Economy PDF Version
2010 Vital Workforce Statistics PDF Version
2010 Social Service Workers: A Portrait PDF Version
2010 Scientists and Engineers: Vital Statistics PDF Version
2010 Nurses: Vital Signs PDF Version
2010 The Costs and Benefits of Safe Staffing Ratios PDF Version
2010 Professional Women: Vital Statistics PDF Version
2010 Pharmacists and Pharmacy Technicians: Facts and Figures PDF Version
2010 Library Workers: Facts & Figures PDF Version
2010 Guest Worker Programs and the Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics (Stem) Workforce PDF Version
2010 School Administrators: Just the Facts PDF Version
2009 The U.S. Health Care System in International Perspective PDF Version
2009 Service Sector: Projections and Current Stats PDF Version
2009 The Employee Free Choice Act, Professional Employees and the Public PDF Version
2008 The Union Difference for Library Workers: New Report PowerPoint Version
2008 H1-B Fact Sheet PDF Version
2004 Offshoring High Tech PDF Version
2003 Bush Administration Proposes Disappearing Act for
Overtime Pay
PDF Version
2003 The Aiken Study: Hospital Nurse Staffing and Patient
Mortality, Nurse Burnout, and Job Dissatisfaction
PDF Version
2000 Work for Hire Fact Sheet PDF Version


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